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Innovative Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali 2020.

Innovative Home Decoration Ideas

Innovative Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali, Diwali! What was the first thought that crossed your mind after hearing this word? Was it Mouth-watering Diwali sweets, crackers or ethic outfits that we wear? Well, for me it is nothing but the decoration that every Indian does to make their house look like a house of light itself. Yes, those highly obsessed with Diwali light decoration wait the entire year to again decorate their home with amazing fairy lights and diyas and candles. Well, an important aspect that needs your attention here is that it is not just the happiness of decorating your own houses but when every street, every house of India lights up with candles, diyas and lights.

The beautifully decorated houses and courtyards with decorated candles, diyas and fairy lights, the smell of deliciously made homemade Diwali treat for the dinner, and the essence of rituals make Diwali festival everyone’s favorite. Well, indisputably I can say that Diwali is one such festival that is everyone’s favorite. Diwali is the festival of positivism and energy and this fact is supported by the houses being decorated by lights and diyas. However, there is so much more than decorating the house with lights and diyas only. This year, widen the horizon of your house decoration with these innovative and creative ideas. Check out the list and pick the best suitable ideas to decorate your home this year. Let’s get started.

Hula Hoop Chandeliers:

Well, obviously the thought of rating a Hula Hoop Chandelier would make you feel anxious at first though since it is so gorgeous and elegant. However, it is much easier than other activities. All you require is strong light and tie it around the Hula Hoop randomly and there you go, with a beautiful. Classy and elegant Hula hoop chandelier that could be hung in your living room. Believe me, this hula hoop chandelier is only going to add to your festive vibes. So, make this your one of the decoratives for Diwali 2020.

Thread Lanterns:

Well, you all must have seen this piece of art on any of your social media handles. Yes, it is easy to make decorations which enhance the decor of your room. They are adorable and completely look magnificent when hung with lights. All you require to make this piece of art is glue, wool, a bowl, balloons, cotton yards and water. Google tits DIY for a detailed procedure of making it.

Mason Jar Lights:

What is the best thing about fairy lights? Well, they can be inserted in almost everything. Grab some jars and fill them with beautiful fairy lights. Just like Hula hoop chandeliers, hang them in your living room master room or at your terrace.

Paper Cup Light:

Diwali is already an expensive festival because of all the decorations, crackers and Diwali gifts, right? If you want to cut expenses this festival then why not make pocket-friendly decorations for your home? Yes, I am talking sense. Cost-effective decorations such as a paper cup light are easy to be prepared at home using basic essentials that every household has. Make small designs you like in the paper cup and let the light pass through and hang them wherever you want in your home.

Bottle Lights:

Have a huge collection of empty wine bottles at your place? But now, are you running out of solace to keep the bottles? Well. no need to dispose of them. Yes, you can turn them as an enchanting home decorative for Diwali. With the help of string light, hang them in your living room.

Winding Lights On Trees:

Well, if you are an Indian, you must have a tree in your courtyard. Yes, brown parents are just obsessed with mats. So, take a big string of flights and hang out around the tree in a random manner. Believe me, it will be magical when you turn on the light. Again this idea is different than the usual ones and also it is a cheap decorative idea since all it requires is a strong light. So, this Diwali, do not only decorate the interior of your home and the boundary walls but also decorate the courtyard with this beautiful tree light idea.

Handcrafted Lampshades:

If you are an artistic person by nature but rarely get a chance to show off your artistic skills, then here you go. Diwali is the best time to be as creative you can be. Use colour full pacers to make the lampshades. You can even draw on the paper if you are good at drawing. Place the lights inside the lampshade and see how magical it looks.

So, with these different decorative ideas, give your home a fairyland look this Diwali. Make Diwali a lot more beautiful and special with this decoration for your home. These are actually very cost-effective and won’t burn ya hole in your pocket.

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