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How to use Google Docs in the offline?

How to use Google Docs in the offline

How to use Google Docs in the offline? Nowadays, Google Docs is very popular for storing essential information in the form of files.

Google Docs is currently the user’s favourite document platform. You can now edit Google Docs online and even share. However, Google Docs can also be edited offline. Most users don’t know about this.

Yes, Google Docs that can be edited and shared online can also be entered in the offline. When you don’t have Internet connectivity and you want to edit a document, Google Docs can be accessed and it works offline. It is also available on smartphones and computers. But read this article That gets information about ” How to Use Google Docs Offline “.

Google Docs: How to Use a Computer When Offline?

Step 1: On your computer, download Google Chrome.

Step 2: Download the Google Docs offline extension from the Chrome Web Store now.

Step 3: After you add the extension to Google Chrome, open Google Docs in a new tab.

Step 4: Then on the Main Page, press the Hamburger icon> Go to Settings> Activate Offline.

Step 5: After this, when you turn off your Internet and open Google Docs in Chrome, you will be able to enter your documents offline.

Step 6: To keep an offline copy of a particular document, press the three-dotted icon next to the file and enable the offline available.

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Google Docs: How To Use Offline On Smartphones

Step 1: You download the Google Docs app on your smartphone.

Step 2: After installing Google Docs, open the app> tap the hamburger icon> Go to Settings.

Step 3: Make the latest files available offline in the next screen.

Step 4: After that, tap the three-dotted icon next to the file and make it available offline to keep the offline coffee of the particular document.

Step 5: Then the circle with the checkmark appears next to the file. This indicates that your file is now available offline.

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