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How to send Independence Day stickers on WhatsApp?

How to send Independence Day stickers on WhatsApp

How to send Independence Day stickers on WhatsApp. If August 15th is enough, we will be celebrating all over our country. Everywhere on the eve of Independence.

We are commemorating the great leaders who sacrificed for the freedom of our country. Now, on August 15, we will celebrate the 74th Independence Day. On this auspicious occasion, we exchange the Independence greetings to the people of the country and friends. The greeting exchange has also changed and greetings can also be exchanged on WhatsApp stickers.

Yes, friends and relatives from all over the country are greeting each other on the occasion of the Independence Day of August 15th. Some are greeted by text message, while others exchange photo captions of great leaders. Others greet via WhatsApp stickers on WhatsApp. There are plenty of stickers available for users to express their feelings on WhatsApp. Now you can request Independence Day wishes with stickers. So how to send an Independence Day Sticker on WhatsApp.

It is true that the Independence Day celebration on August 15 is nearing its end. But in the present situation, due to the coronavirus epidemic, everyone has to celebrate Independence day at home. However, we can send greetings to all our loved ones through messaging apps like WhatsApp and JioChat. So how do you send out Independence Day stickers on WhatsApp? Come on step by step Will See.

How to send Independence Day stickers on WhatsApp?

Step: 1 On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store and search for Independence Day WhatsApp stickers.

Step: 2 Then you will find some apps that offer a gallery of Independence Day Stickers in the Play Store. Download any of these apps and install it on your smartphone.

Step: 3 Open the Downloaded Sticker app and select the sticker pack you want to add to WhatsApp.

Step: 4 Now, tap on ‘Add to WhatsApp’ option. This will bring the sticker pack to WhatsApp.

Step: 5 Go to WhatsApp and then open any of your friends or groups chat displays.

Step 6 Tap on the emoji icon and then select stickers from the bottom line. Here, select any newly installed stickers and they will be sent automatically.

How to send Independence Day stickers in Jiochat?

Currently, there are no Independence Day stickers available for Jio Chat users. However, once they are available, you can follow these steps to add them to your sticker library.

Step: 1 Open the JioChat app on your Android or iPhone.

Step: 2 Tap on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and go to the ‘More’ section.

Step: 3 Now, tap the ‘Sticker Store’ option to discover the stickers offered by the company.

Step: 4 Here, look for independence day ‘sticker pack.

Step: 5 Select the Sticker Pack and press the ‘Downloads’ option.

Step: 6 Now, go to any chat screen.

Step: 7 Tap on the emoji icon and then select the Stickers’ option.

Step: 8 Now tap on any sticker to send to your friends, and that’s it you’re all done.
Happy Independence Day To You All.

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