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Facebook Gaming app finally arriving in the App store.

Facebook Gaming app

Facebook Gaming app finally arriving in the App Store, Facebook, the popular social media platform, has introduced the Facebook gaming app on iOS. But there are no games in the App Store, Facebook introduced its gaming app. This app is mainly said to be useful for streamers watching video games. It is also possible that it could be included in some mini-games.

Yes, Facebook has introduced the gaming app on iOS. But the Apple App policy is compromised by Facebook’s gaming app. No app can be introduced without the approval process in the App Store. Appal has rejected Facebook’s gaming app for this. But instead Facebook has launched a standalone Facebook gaming app. It is said that it is anxiously waiting for Apple’s approval.

Despite claims that Apple is currently allowing this free app, Mark Zuckerberg says it will focus on building a gaming community for the approximately 380 million people who play games on Facebook every month. Also, the Facebook gaming app has been rejected by the App Store several times over the past few months. Also, the Apple App Store Guideline 4.7 is cited for rejecting this. also read this: How to Check CIBIL Score for free.

The primary purpose of Facebook Gaming is to play games and promote them. Mark Zuckerberg said it shared usage data from the Android Facebook gaming app. It showed that 95% of activities in the app are watching streams. However, it is not ready to accept the appeal. At the World Wide Developers Conference in June this year, Apple unveiled the appeals process but said it was trying to convince Apple to change its stance on the Facebook gaming app. Mark Zuckerberg said it had failed.

Facebook gaming chief Vivek Sharma said that the main Facebook app and messenger games have been buried in iOS for several years now. This problem with App Store policies is going to hurt the gaming industry. There is also the possibility that the gaming interest of the users is axed. Facebook claims that other formats such as cloud gaming will impact innovation on mobile.

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