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Donald Trump Hanging Alibaba right now after TikTok

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hanging Alibaba right now after TikTok! Trump Statement Beijing Increases Heart Rate, Will the government shut down some other Chinese-owned companies, such as Alibaba? In a press conference, Trump replied, “Well, we are still exploring many possibilities and yes, it is possible.”

Beijing’s heartbeat has once again escalated with another statement by US President Donald Trump following the ban on TikTok. Trump said Saturday that China’s tech giant, such as Alibaba, is likely to exert pressure on companies. A journalist has questioned whether the government will take control of some other Chinese-owned companies, such as Alibaba, during Trump’s Rutin news conference.

Trump replied, “Well! We are still exploring many possibilities and yes, it can happen.” Trump has launched his campaign against Chinese companies in the technology sector even before issuing orders to ban the TikTok Short Video App in the US.

Operating Data Security

Earlier, Furman issued a lawsuit against Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, calling for a cease-fire in the US within 90 days. Since the start of his presidential term, Trump has completely abolished China’s relationship with the US. Moreover, Trump has taken a very aggressive stance against Beijing since Corona’s inception.

Trump has repeatedly accused the Chinese government of failing to properly address the coronavirus infection that originated in Wuhan, China, last year. And it is because of China that the epidemic has plagued the entire world. But what is special here is that China has repeatedly rejected Trump’s accusations. It looks like Trump is eager to ban everything from China.

Accused of espionage on Beijing

Earlier, US President Donald Trump accused Huawei of being China’s largest technology company, targeting 5G and Huawei in the US. On the other hand, several European countries also announced that they would restrict the purchase of 5G technology and equipment from the company.

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